Lesson Plan

Understanding Design, Composition, and Color

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The set for a play combines design elements (style, line, shape, mass, measure, position, color, and texture) and principles of composition (unity, harmony, contrast, variation, balance, proportion, and emphasis) to create a particular aesthetic. Class members examine images of sets and paintings and discuss how these elements and principles are combined to create a response in viewers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Enlarge, laminate, and post the set design photos and images of the paintings
  • Provide all groups with the same basic set template, a list of required elements, and a mood or tone;  ask the groups to apply the elements of design to create a set that expresses that mood
Classroom Considerations
  • The fourth in a 10-lesson unit on set design
  • Assumes class members have previously studied the emotional impact of different colors, lines, textures, etc.
  • The lesson creates an awareness of the many factors designers consider when crafting a set
  • None