What Are Cells?

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Energize the cells of young biologists with an edible life science activity. Engaging learners in exploring the inner workings of plant and animal cells, this activity involves using colored jello and various sweet and tasty treats to model the system of organelles that support eukaryotic life.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Perform this activity after introducing the class to the organelles in plant and animal cells
  • Use the food items described in this resource or have students think of their own ways to make edible cell models
Classroom Considerations
  • You may want to ask for parent donations when gathering the food items necessary for this activity
  • Conserve materials by allowing students to make the cell models in pairs
  • Colorful, clearly labeled diagrams of plant and animal cells are included with the resource
  • A teacher information sheet provides procedures and tips for implementing the activity
  • Labels are provided for the different foods used in the edible cell models with instructions for how much of each item is needed
  • None