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Cells - Overview & Introduction Video
Cells - Overview & Introduction
The Secret World of Animal Sleep 101 Sleepless on the Savanna Video
The Secret World of Animal Sleep 101...
Women's History Activator: Eleanor Roosevelt Video
Women's History Activator: Eleanor Roosevelt
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Lesson Planet

What is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?

For Teachers K - 12th Standards
Learn about Social-Emotional Learning and how to set positive goals with your students so they can make responsible decisions in school and life. This collection will provide an overview of the CASEL standards and strategies.
Lesson Planet

In Sync Personal Development: Year 9

For Teachers 9th Standards
Change is inevitable—learning how to manage those changes is the focus of the 10 lessons In Sync Personal Development unit module designed for high school freshmen. Scholars develop behaviors and strategies for identifying and expressing...
Lesson Planet

In Sync Personal Development: Year 8

For Teachers 8th Standards
It’s not easy being a teen. The 10 resources in the In Sync Personal Development unit module help eighth-graders navigate the complex nature of teenage relationships, to help them make mature choices, manage peer pressure and other...
Lesson Planet

Standing Up for Democracy

For Students 6th - 12th
The mission of the Standing Up for Democracy unit is to bring about “a more humane, just, and compassionate society rooted in democratic values.” These 16 lessons, built on a foundation of mutual respect, tolerance, and participation,...
15 Items in Collection
Lesson Planet

Social Media Toolbox

For Students 6th - 12th Standards
The internet as well as the popularity of and availability of personal electronic devices equipped with social media has changed journalism forever. Here's a collection of resources that provide student journalists the tools they need to...
17 Items in Collection
Lesson Planet

Social & Emotional Learning in Middle School: Self-Management

For Teachers 6th - 8th Standards
Self-management requires impulse control, stress management, self-disciple, motivation, and the ability to set goals and organize. Browse this collection to boost these skills among sixth through eighth-graders. Included are sixteen...
19 Items in Collection
Lesson Planet

Social & Emotional Learning in High School: Self-Awareness

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
21st-century learners face an array of challenges. This collection is designed to help students develop the social and emotional self-awareness skills and healthy habits they need to make responsible decisions now and in the future. The...
Lesson Planet

Random Acts of Kindness: Peer Pressure

For Teachers 8th Standards
Young people often have the best intentions at heart—but perhaps not the best influences in their ear. Encourage middle schoolers to resist the seemingly irresistible pull of peer pressure with a series that culminates in a research...
Lesson Planet

Justice for All - Educating Youth for Social Responsibility: Grades K-5

For Teachers K - 5th Standards
New ReviewIn grades kindergarten through fifth grade, scholars take part in a social-emotional learning unit designed to boost social responsibility. Three hundred pages provide lessons and activities related to everyday classroom practices, the...
Lesson Planet

Examples of Social and Emotional Learning in Elementary Mathematics Instruction

For Teachers K - 6th
A 12-page document lists an abundance of math-related activities that boost social and emotional topics; self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.  
Lesson Planet

In the Skin of a Monster

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
Kathryn Barker's In the Skin of A Monster explores how a school massacre impacts a community. Unfortunately, the events depicted are all too familiar to many. This teacher's guide for Barker's novel offers activities that enable readers...
Lesson Planet

Human Impact on Ecosystems

For Teachers 6th - 8th Standards
An environmenta science unit includes three lessons plus a cumulative project covering the ecosystem. Scholars follow the history of the Ford Rouge Factory from its construction on wetlands and how it destroyed the environment to its...
Lesson Planet

Bullying Can Be Stopped—7th Grade

For Teachers 7th
Help stop bullying and encourage learners to speak up! Discuss the definitions of bullying and when to approach an adult for help. Objectives and definitions are laid out followed by discussion procedures. A handout includes hypothetical...
Lesson Planet

Mental Health PowerPoint and Notes

For Teachers 9th
New ReviewA 15-slide presentation summarizes key concepts from the Mental Health unit designed for freshmen. Viewers record the information on the provided worksheets. The notes prepare learners for a game of jeopardy.
Lesson Planet

Assertive Communication

For Teachers 6th - 12th
New ReviewAssertive communication is an acquired skill. Teaching young people to ask for what they need and to believe that they have a right to ask is at the core of a unit on assertive communication. Over the course of the unit, middle and high...
Lesson Planet

Justice for All - Educating Youth for Social Responsibility: Grades 6-8

For Teachers 6th - 8th Standards
Teach middle schoolers how to develop healthy relationships with activities and lessons designed to create a kind and inclusive classroom. Pupils create guidelines to develop a safe and civil learning environment. They learn how to...
Lesson Planet

Peer Pressure: Grades 3-5

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Peer pressure is the focus of a activity that challenges scholars to respond to several scenarios using responsible-decision making skills. Lesson one begins with a live-action example set by class members, followed by a discussion that...
Lesson Planet

The Nine Ds of Digital Citizenship

For Students K - 12th
A reference page identifies the nine Ds of digital citizenship—digital access, etiquette, commerce, responsibilities, literacy, law, communication, security, health, and wellness.
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Defining Our Obligations to Others

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Introduce young learners to the concept of a Universe of Obligation, a term coined by sociologist Helen Fein, with a lesson that asks learners to consider the extent to which they feel a responsibility for others. Class members read and...
Lesson Planet

Caution: Thin Ice!

For Teachers 6th Standards
Sixth graders listen to a story titled "Thin Ice!" then partake in a whole-class discussion asking and answering questions about what was read. Scholars brainstorm risky behaviors in preparation for a game of RISKO—a game similar to...
Lesson Planet

Five Activities to Help Bystanders to Bullying Know What to Do

For Teachers 1st - 8th Standards
Five activities covering ELA, social studies, and social and emotional learning offer bystanders tips and the courage to help individuals being bullied. Activities include writing an acrostic poem, creating a pamphlet, reading current...
Lesson Planet

Don’t Tease Me!

For Teachers 3rd Standards
 A whole-class discussion sheds light on school bullying and ways to prevent it. Scholars share a moment when they observed or experienced some sort of teasing. Pupils brainstorm ways such behavior can be stopped or prevented.
Lesson Planet

STAR Deputies

For Teachers 2nd Standards
Scholars become STAR deputies in a lesson that encourages them to be problem-solvers. Small groups gather to complete a worksheet by answering questions. A discussion presents a scenario in which a problem occurs on the playground. Small...
Lesson Planet

STAR Deputies, Unite!

For Teachers 2nd Standards
STAR deputies unite! Scholars gather in small groups to solve problems using the STAR method. Pupils read a card that describes a situation that requires problem-solving. They role-play the scenario in front of their peers.