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Lunar New Year

For Teachers Pre-K - 12th
Although often called Chinese New Year, Chinese people refer to this holiday as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year. People in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, South Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam also have traditions associated...
29 Items in Collection
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Chinese New Year

For Teachers Pre-K - 5th
Kung-hsi Fa-ts' ai! Enrich your Chinese New Year celebration with the resources in this collection. The wealth of materials include background information on the 15-day holiday, also know as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival,...
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Spring Find a Fact Addition

For Students 1st - 3rd Standards
Test scholars' knowledge of addition facts with a festive worksheet that makes adding a two-person game. Pairs examine a grid of numbers to locate and color addition facts. Last person to color three squares wins! 
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Chinese New Year

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
Dancing dragons, fireworks, red envelopes, and loud music are the familiar images of Chinese New Year celebrations. The holiday, also know as Lunar New Year and/or the Spring festival is also a religious holiday that combines aspects of...
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Spring Colors

For Teachers 1st - 6th Standards
Holi, Easter, Fassika, Sham El Nessim, and Earth Day are all springtime events that celebrate renewal and hope. Explore how different cultures celebrate the spring season with a three-step lesson plan that incorporates research, social...
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Color the Spring Adjectives

For Students 1st - 3rd Standards
Grammar enthusiasts test their adjective knowledge with a worksheet that challenges them to color each word a specific color based on the type of word that is found inside it. When complete, scholars discover a bright bouquet of flowers...
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Creative Writing Prompts For Every Season and Month

For Teachers K - 12th Standards
Winter, spring, summer, and fall! Every season is covered in a 14-page list of writing prompts. Included are story starters, reflection questions, poetry topics, and more.
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The Season of Spring

For Teachers 5th - 8th
Young scholars perform a story from Greek mythology of how spring came to be. In this performing arts activity, students study the play of Persephone and use instruments and dance to put on a performance.
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Chinese New Year Celebrations

For Teachers 6th - 8th Standards
Gong He Xin Xi! Happy New Year! Planning a Lunar New Year/Spring Festival Celebration? Check out the activities and resources in a packet that encourages pupils to research the cultural values and traditional practices associated with...
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St. Patrick's Day Creative Writing Prompt #2

For Students 2nd - 4th Standards
Make narrative writing festive with a St. Patrick's Day-themed writing prompt! Sscholars provide a detailed account of Sean the Leprechaun and an amazing event that happened to him on a joyful spring morning.   
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Earth Day Grid Math

For Students 2nd - 5th Standards
Get into springtime with a festive practice sheet designed to test scholars' knowledge of grids. Learners locate items such as watering cans, snails, and flowers following the x and y-axis. Worksheet themes include Earth Day, gardening,...
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The Missing Bunny

For Students 2nd - 6th Standards
Add a 20-minute audiobook titled "The Missing Bunny" to your spring curriculum. Find out what happens when a monkey named Theo is framed when the Easter Bunny goes missing, but thanks to a helpful police dog, is set free and claimed...
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Classical Music Appreciation (Grades K-2 / Lesson 3)

For Teachers K - 2nd
Pupils demonstrate the events and feelings of spring through movement. They listen to and discuss Vivaldi's 'Spring,' from The Four Seasons, and act out the events in the music.
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Egg-stravagant Egg Basket

For Teachers 1st - 6th
Students discover that the egg has been revered by humans for thousands of years as a symbol of birth, life, and hope. They research the connection of the egg to spring and religious festivals around the world. They then create their own...
1 In 1 Collection
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Discover and Celebrate the Chinese New Year

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Spring into Chinese New Year with a look at the history, food, and traditions associated with this holiday.
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Sing of Spring! Decision Making Enrichment Worksheet

For Students 5th
In this money decision making enrichment worksheet, 5th graders complete 4 tables that show how much decorations or entertainment will cost for a spring party. They use multiplication of money to determine the costs. They record the...
1 In 1 Collection
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Folklife Around the Year and Around the State

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Research how seasonal changes in Louisiana affect learners' lives and the folklife of their communities and the state. They investigate differences in the seasonal round in the regions of Louisiana, including celebrations, festivals,...
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Soar Into Spring With Kites!

For Teachers 2nd - 8th
The kite has an amazing history! It has been used for thousands of years, has led to many scientific disoveries, and has made some people very famous. Just ask Ben Franklin! This terrific lesson offers many cross-curricular activities...
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Ring in Spring

For Teachers 2nd - 3rd
In these spring activity worksheets, young scholars read the words in each flower and color the flowers with words that rhyme with spring. Students then look at the graph to see how many kites each class made and answer the questions...
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Japanese Festivals and Celebrations

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Students investigate the importnce of celebrations anf festivals in Japanese culture and then create a story based upon an image from the lesson. Resource links are provided for images of events.
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Mardi Gras

For Teachers 4th - 8th Standards
Learn about the festivity of Mardi Gras with a series of reading and writing assignments. As class members read a passage about the history of Mardi Gras and the way it's celebrated around the world, they answer comprehension questions,...
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Wonderful Words for Writing!

For Students 4th - 6th Standards
Twenty slides make up a set of festive, May-themed writing prompts designed to grab scholars' attention and warm-up their writing skills. Prompts include story starters, holidays, research questions, the five senses, and more! 
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May Day | All About the Holidays

For Students K - 5th
May 1st marks the world holiday, May Day. Find out why and how we celebrate this festive holiday with an engaging, yet brief, video that incorporates real-world pictures and exciting graphics.
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Holi | All About the Holidays

For Students K - 5th
A quick video equipped with engaging graphics and fun sound effects details the Hindu holiday, Holi—the festival of colors or love. 

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