Analyzing a Product or Political Advertisement

How do advertisements evoke specific thoughts and feelings? Class members find out through the exploration of the Internet, videos, television, magazines, radio, and posters. Learners investigate commercial advertisements, political campaign ads, product ads, or political advertisement, analyzing the words, aesthetics, narrative, and audience for whom the ad is intended. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Send a letter home with pupils to inform families of the assignment, and that watching television, reading magazines, browsing the web, etc. is part of their homework
  • Discuss what is appropriate for school and set guidelines for learners to follow while searching for school-safe ads
Classroom Considerations
  • Copies are required 
  • The worksheets' obejtives are clear and to the point 
  • The lesson sparks critical thinking and throughtful dialogue
  • An article is referenced, but not provided