Unit Plan

Democracy in Danger: Should the Right to Vote Be Protected in the Constitution?

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High school seniors investigate what national, state and local rules say about voting. After examining the Constitution's articles, clauses, and amendments, researchers look at videos, listen to podcasts, and read articles to gather background information about historical and current challenges to voting rights. They then address whether the right to vote should be protected in the Constitution by stating a claim supported by evidence from their research.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have groups investigate local and national voting rights challenges for the current election
  • Set aside additional prep time to examine the packet and prepare the required materials carefully
Classroom Considerations
  • At the beginning of the unit, establish rules that ensure safe, respectful discussions
  • Class members need access to devices with internet
  • Instructors and learners should be familiar with the inquiry format
  • The 21-page packet includes teacher notes, an appendix that cites passages from the Constitution that address voting, and the text of the proposed voting rights amendment
  • None