Unit Plan

Global Water Supply Elementary School Curriculum

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This Global Water Supply Elementary School Curriculum unit plan also includes:

Water is the focus of an interdisciplinary unit that brings awareness to its daily use around the world and the importance of conservation. Worksheets challenge scholars to match words and definitions, trace, complete a maze, and solve a word puzzle. A game of Hot Water familiarizes participants with vocabulary. Questions are answered using facts sheets, websites, and family interviews. Written assignments include sentences and poems. Math word problems investigate the time required for traveling with gallons of water. World-water superheroes and collages spark creativity. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Create a water-themed bulletin board—display finished products on and around the board alongside useful information learners can reference 
  • To save on paper, post worksheet questions and applicable writing activities on a classroom blog for pupils to respond to thoroughly 
  • Print class-sets of the game worksheets and have them easily accessible for participants to work on when they complete other activities early 
Classroom Considerations
  • Not all units and lesson are made for all grades, check page two for appropriate grade spans 
  • Copies vary depending on which grade level you teach and the activities you choose to conduct 
  • The duration is an estimation of unit completion if you finish one lesson a day 
  • Encourages smart water use 
  • Pages are well formatted—look professional 
  • Answers to math questions are provided 
  • Involves family members 
  • None