Let's Cook!

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Recipes, tasting activities, images of fruits and veggies, fun food facts... you name it, this resource has it! Your class will be cooking up wonderful dishes in no time with these materials. Included here are recipes, handouts, worksheets, and more for a beginner course and an advanced course. Each lesson, or recipe, come with a supplies list, instructions for preparation, a drawing and tasting task, and clean up instructions.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Make a booklet out of the recipes, charts, and other reference materials that learners can use throughout the unit
  • Pick and choose your favorite recipes if desired
Classroom Considerations

  • Be aware that some of the parent summary pages invite parent to call to win a prize; you may wish to instruct parents to not call or to e-mail instead

  • Learners will master reading recipes, measuring, using knives, sautéing, and other cooking skills 
  • Comes with cooking tip sheets and other printables to help support culinary skills

  • None