Writing an Argument: Innovation in America

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Are American young people prepared to become tomorrow's leaders in technological innovation, or does an obsession with being cool sidetrack essential skills? That is the question freshmen and sophomores must address in a performance task assessment. After analyzing the arguments in two essays, individuals craft their own argumentative essay in response to the prompt.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • While designed as an assessment, the packet may also be used to introduce argumentative writing and persuasive techniques
  • Include in a health unit focused on self-esteem
Classroom Considerations
  • Writers need to have studied persuasive techniques, rhetorical devices, how to structure arguments, and how to formulate counterarguments
  • Requires individual copies of the two articles and of multiple worksheets
  • The 59-page packet includes the prompt, the two articles, worksheets, and the assessment rubric
  • None