This Week's Testimonials

So far everything has been good. I find some awesome plans here!

Elizabeth B.
Lincoln Park, NJ
Lesson Planet has made it easier to find resources.

Michael S.
Oklahoma City, OK
Yes, Lesson Planet is giving me ideas for lessons and makes it easier to prepare class.

Cindy P.
Vero Beach, FL

More Testimonials

Lesson Planet helped me use new ideas and games for my PE department.

Jim R.
Wake Forest, NC
So far, I've been able to find useful labs and powerpoint presentations for all my science classes.

Marian I.
Redlands, CA
Lesson Planet has saved me time.

Melissa D.
Bakerfield, CA
I used Lesson Planet last year for both instructional resources and teaching aides. Lesson Planet helped me fill in the gaps so that my teaching would be more aligned to the Common Core.

Paula F.
Salt Lake City, UT
Lesson Planet helps me find great ideas!

Lisa K.
Crosby, TX
Absolutely, I have used this site for many of my supplementary lessons and activities.

Patrice L.
Conyers, GA
I am able to provide a variety of supplemental lessons to my students.

Linda C.
Manteca, CA
Lesson Planet has saved me time.

Donna D.
Denver, CO
Lesson Planet saves me time when planning my lessons.

Nicole D.
Brooklyn, NY
Lesson Planet does a great job in matching appropriate resources with the lessons I am trying to find. I need things that will make learning real, but at the same time, fun and interesting, and I can always count on Lesson Planet to provide that.

Melissa W.
Cookeville, TN
Lesson Planet has allowed me to enhance my teaching by adding in other teachers' ideas to mine.

Jessica H.
Jackson, MS
Lesson Planet lays it all out so I can put it together how I want.

Anneka S.
Merced, CA
Lesson Planet has given me ideas when I could not think of how to teach the content in a new way. It works great for me.

Cira O.
Chicago, IL
Lesson Planet helps me find a great variety of ideas.

Mark W.
Lesson Planet gave me some new ideas for teaching differently, as we tend to get bored repeating the same technique.

Sinead D.
Orange, France
Lesson Plan has saved me hours of preparation time, by having informative and attractive resources readily available.

Robyn H.
Yes! Lesson Planet helps me as a teacher.

Krystyl M.
Woodside, NY
I find Immediate resources online.

Carmel H.
Lesson Planet has given lesson ideas and the kind of resources I needed for my students.

Amy S.
Bronx, NY
Lesson Planet helped me get through this summer school class I'm taking.

Sean S.
Lake Forest, CA
I was looking for some creative ways to introduce my students to Hawaiian music and the culture of Hawaii in the elementary music classroom. Lesson provided a wealth of helpful and fun resources for me to use in my classroom.

Lillian H.
Conway, AR
Lesson Planet has helped me a lot.

Sarah W.
South Deerfield, MA
Lesson Planet has truly helped me by providing innovative means to bring a sometimes 'boring' subject to life for students!

Dr. K.
Gonzales, LA
Lesson Planet saves me time and gives me ideas I might not have thought of.

Randy G.
Muskegon, MI
Lesson Planet has given me ideas, teaching methods, and styles to use. Continues to provide great ideas.

Maria H.
Ridgefield Park, NJ
I think this is a wonderful website. I can glance over ideas and use what I think will help my students succeed.

Virginia B.
Oakland, CA
Lesson Planet has helped improve my own lessons and is always a good resource for adding additional lessons for a course.

Wayne N.
The lesson plans have been top notch!

Don D.
Galena, IL
Lesson Planet helps me immensely.

Charlene K.
Hayward, CA
It is the best resource ever. Everything is there: all you do is print and prepare the lesson materials. Everything is great just the way it is. Thank you!

Josephine O.
Austin, TX

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Emmy Rodgers Filmed at the CUE Annual Conference 2011 in Palm Springs, CA
Emmy Rodgers
Filmed at the CUE Annual Conference 2011 in Palm Springs, CA

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