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My students are more informed and engaged using sheets that connect to lessons we are currently studying.

Constance L.
Memphis, TN
Lesson Planet absolutely helps me as a teacher!

Jo A.
Minot, ND
Lesson Planet provides easy access to materials for reteaching.

Brenda J.
Del Rio, TX
Lesson Planet eases my workload. Member since 2009.

Anne H.
Saint Paul, MN
Yes, I just go on Lesson Planet and get the worksheets or lessons that I need to help me. I love this website.

Pauline W.
San Jose, CA
Lesson Planet has given me more materials to introduce the stories we are reading.

Mary A.
Daphne, AL
Lesson Planet has saved me time. The lesson plans are easy to use.

Rosa C.
Mount Vernon, NY
Lesson Planet has helped me tremendously, the quantity and quality are through the roof! This has allowed me to actually strengthen my lesson planning.

Erik K.
Delaware, OH
Lesson Planet has helped in the preparation of my lessons when I needed extra materials to go along with the lesson. Member since 2010.

Winona W.
Nashville, AR
Lesson Planet has given me many fresh ideas for my classrooms. Member since 2014.

Jennifer J.
Richmond, VA
Lesson Planet has saved me time.

Sarah F.
West Roxbury, MA
I have enjoyed using Lesson Planet especially when I have run out of creativity and/or energy. I can quickly look up ideas shared by others that work. It's like sitting in a collaboration session of teachers as they share best practices.

Lisa B.
Riverside, CA
Yes, Lesson Planet is excellent.

Kimberly F.
Lesson Planet saves me from inventing the wheel again and again. Member since 2011.

Kathy M.
Minneapolis, MN
Lesson Planet has given me good ideas.

Steven W.
Cypress, CA
Lesson Planet has given me great ideas that have helped me create better plans. Member since 2014.

Angie C.
Katy, TX
Lesson Planet really helped me as I use many of the worksheets to help my students get ready for their exams. I think the site layout is well organized. So far it has met my expectations.

Magali G.
I am a resource teacher. The worksheets help me find new ways to teach the subjects my students find hard.

Sister K.
Bay Saint Louis, MS
Lesson Planet has helped me find additional materials that enhance the curriculum I am teaching.

Tyra S.
Riverside, CA
Lesson Planet has allowed me to address ELA standards for my ELLs at levels within their abilities.

Yolanda F.
Manassas, VA
Lesson Planet has provided me up-to-date resources for essential skills. Member since 2010.

Katherine C.
Tazewell, VA
As a second-year teacher, this site is providing me with great lesson plans without having to spend hours upon hours locating them on various websites. Also seeing the ratings of the lesson plans allows me to browse quicker and more efficiently. Member since 2014.

Patience S.
Oak Lawn, IL
Lesson Planet has helped greatly! Super lessons for my college class!

Cheryl R.
Venice, FL
Lesson Planet has given me more time to teach and plan thoughtful lessons rather than spending that time scouring the Internet for resources and just throwing study guides at students!

Alexis M.
Bemidji, MN
As a principal I can always find stuff to enhance our curriculum. You're doing a great job.

Bracha R.
Brooklyn, NY
When time is short and work is long, it helps to have pre-made worksheets.

Kathleen P.
Fayette City, PA
Lesson Planet has helped me a lot, particularly on teaching grammar.

Marco M.
Yuba City, CA
Lesson Planet has provided me additional lesson sources.

Robert J.
League City, TX
Lesson Planet is easy to navigate, the work all comes with explanations and instructions, and the kids love it.

Crystal M.
Miami, AZ
As a therapist, it has helped me with ice breakers as well as helping children to gain an awareness of how to communicate and express their emotions in a healthy manner.

Grisel G.
Zion, IL

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Liesel Gruben
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