This Week's Testimonials

Lesson Planet has given me great ideas of how to teach certain subjects.

Luisa G.
San Luis, AZ
Lesson Planet helps me with easy access to resources.

J E.
Kosciusko, MS
I was able to find lesson plans that I needed almost immediately, saving time is always a good thing for a teacher. Keep doing what you are doing, it's all good.

Teresa L.
Lesson Planet simplifies my lessons and cuts down on having to fully create them on my own.

Kristy G.
Desoto, TX
Lesson Planet has helped immensely!!! I love everything about it!

Amanda W.
Worth, IL
Lesson Planet shortens the time that I have to spend planning.

Katrina P.
Pompano Beach, FL

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Lesson Planet provides great access to Common Core guided lessons.

Bernadette C.
Bronx, NY
I am a first year teacher. Lesson Planet has helped me with my lesson plans. What a time-saver it is.

Kathryn M.
Genoa, OH
I always find lessons that I can use in my classroom with many ideas that can be implemented to accommodate my students.

Concha M.
Indianapolis, IN
Lesson Planet is a great resource. Really good job!

Le M.
Houston, TX
The worksheets are a great way to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. The activities can be differentiated for the very diverse classroom. Member since 2012.

Eleanor C.
Philadelphia, PA
When I am going through my lessons, and I need add to a lesson, there are a variety of lessons and resources from which to choose. I am always looking for ways to make my teaching better.

Rachel H.
Perrysburg, OH
Lesson Planet has provided a variety of choice lessons and lessons that are differentiated. It has been most helpful and supportive.

Terri M.
Rex, GA
I have enjoyed this resource for so many reasons. I know that if I need to find a variety of lesson ideas, Lesson Planet will have many for me to find. This website has a collection of lessons from teacher directed, hands-on, videos, game sites, etc... It is a collection in your hands so you don't have to spend time searching. C.
Pensacola, FL
I have used the lesson plans which helped me in my classroom.

Vivien V.
Lesson Planet has offered another way of presenting information.

Carol J.
United Kingdom
I love the lessons and activities. It really helps with lesson planning which takes a huge chunk of my time. Member since 2011.

Linda P.
Lesson Planet has been very useful for the abundant plans, articles, and commentaries published.

Alfredo B.
Lesson Planet has really helped me in terms of class activities in my social studies class and comprehensive testing questions on units. I also appreciate the insights I get on some topics and from Bonnie (from the Lesson Planet Member Success team) who always gives help when I am struggling with getting materials off the website.

Angela C.
Bronx, NY
Lesson Planet gave me new ideas for teaching.

Lisa C.
Tifton, GA
Finding quality, Common Core-aligned resources efficiently is a real advantage. The reviews I've read are right on the money! Member since 2013.

Teresa A.
Stockport, IA
Lesson Planet has saved me time. I think you do an excellent job!

Sally N.
Commerce City, CO
Lesson Planet has helped me find great ideas and materials.

Delfina O.
Tucson, AZ
Lesson Planet helps me very much!!

Katie F.
Millstone, NJ
Lesson Planet has given me ideas for teaching vocabulary.

Eva Q.
Avondale, AZ
Lesson Planet helps me with extended ideas.

Sharon F.
Staten Island, NY
I will be a new teacher. For my lesson plans in college, Lesson Planet has helped me a lot. Thanks!

Brigida T.
Smyrna, GA
Lesson Planet helps when I am feeling brain dead. Member since 2011.

Tammy C.
Dunlap, TN
It has many lessons that I have been able to use to supplement my cirriculum.

Maria D.
Saint Albans, NY
Lesson Planet help me by providing good lesson plans.

Kimberly V.
Princeton, KY
Lesson Planet has provided me with numerous resources that were used to enhance my lessons. Member since 2009.

Annie L.
Fairmont, NC
This is my "go-to" lesson supplement. My students enjoy the interactive portions; I value the plethora of resources made available. This subscription has been a time-saver for me. Glad I have this at my disposal.

Mona F.
Kingsport, TN
As a teacher of gifted elementary students, I need to have content from several grade levels and subject areas on hand. Lesson Planet keeps these resources available at any time, for all the grade levels I need.

Christine C.
Lawrence, KS
I use many lessons to find the teaching technique that works best for my students.

Ana D.
Grant, FL
Lesson Planet has helped me by saving me a ton of time. I can use the information and make adjustments to the lesson plan based on my students' level of academic achievement.

Terrance L.
Katy, TX
Lesson Planet has been a huge blessing to me by leading me to excellent resource material in a short amount of time.

Merilee B.
Frankfort, IN

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Emmy Rodgers Filmed at the CUE Annual Conference 2011 in Palm Springs, CA
Emmy Rodgers
Filmed at the CUE Annual Conference 2011 in Palm Springs, CA

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