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Lesson Planet has absolutely helped me!!!

Miriam H.
Plainview, NY
I became a self-contained middle school teacher this year and I was not prepared for the amount of extra planning involved in teaching every subject. Lesson Planet has helped me build plans for the subjects that give me the most trouble.

Stephen B.
Nashville, TN
Lesson Planet has provided me with many ideas and lessons for a variety of subjects.

Carmelita N.
Oak Park, IL
Lesson Planet has saved me time with resources and helped prevent me from reinventing the wheel.

Angela L.
Hamilton, OH
Yes - Lesson Planet helps me find some excellent ideas and resources.

Laura F.
Canton, OH
Lesson Planet has been a lifesaver many times. It has saved me so much time that I have been able to spend extra time with my students, and completing the paperwork that goes along with teaching. Thank you!!

Leslie C.
Ontario, Canada
Lesson Planet helps me to get to know what other teachers are doing and understand common challenges better.

Raymond H.
It has been very helpful. I have gotten at least two lesson plans and it seems to have worked for my students.

Shenitha W.
Anniston, AL
Lesson Planet has helped me greatly. It has given me the extra lessons to help my students enjoy more out of life.

Charles H.
Whenever I am looking for reteaching lessons, I look here.

Errick L.
New Castle, KY
Lesson Planet has been very helpful for getting ideas and finding lesson plans for assignments. I am a teacher of students with significant cognitive delays, which requires a very functional curriculum for educational benefit.

Elizabeth C.
Campbell, CA
I have had much success finding lesson plans to fit what I'm teaching.

Alan W.
Dallas, TX
Lesson Planet has provided some good worksheets for use in class.

Jeffrey M.
Ewa Beach, HI
Lesson Planet has enabled me to think outside the box, and to be more creative with lesson planning.

Theresa O.
Reseda, CA
Lesson Planet has many resources to engage students using all modalities and intelligences. Member since 2008.

Rotina J.
Monessen, PA
It has saved me hours in creating lesson plans!

Anna K.
Galivants Ferry, SC
Lesson Planet has assisted me to plan fun and interesting lessons for my SpEd students. I use ideas I find here to help me guide my plans for individualized instructions. I love the site!

Vivace G.
Hawthorne, CA
Yes, Lesson Planet is helpful.

Matthew P.
North Chelmsford, MA
Lesson Planet is helpful in finding engaging activities for my students. Member since 2011.

Benita S.
Newllano, LA
Lesson Planet saves me so much time and is just amazing.

Erica R.
Las Vegas, NV
Lesson Planet has helped with media literacy and evaluating resources. Also, the media bias lessons where great.

Sharon W.
Greenfield, IN
The lessons are great. I have been able to integrate the lessons with my own to provide scholars with the tools they need to succeed.

Francisco S.
San Antonio, TX
When I am in a bind and need a quick, yet meaningful activity, Lesson Planet always saves the day. Member since 2012.

Karen H.
Rochester, NY
Lesson Planet is a great resource.

Dele S.
Ontario, CA
Lesson Planet provides me with a variety of resources to add to my lesson plans and enrich the curriculum.

Elise G.
Madisonville, LA
Lesson Planet provides great access to Common Core guided lessons.

Bernadette C.
Bronx, NY
I am a first year teacher. Lesson Planet has helped me with my lesson plans. What a time-saver it is.

Kathryn M.
Genoa, OH
I always find lessons that I can use in my classroom with many ideas that can be implemented to accommodate my students.

Concha M.
Indianapolis, IN
Lesson Planet is a great resource. Really good job!

Le M.
Houston, TX
The worksheets are a great way to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. The activities can be differentiated for the very diverse classroom. Member since 2012.

Eleanor C.
Philadelphia, PA

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