This Week's Testimonials

Within a class period having the availability of lessons is good. My response time to struggling learners is diminishing because I can differentiate instruction at the touch of a button!! Thanks Lesson Planet!!

Monica O.
Laurel, MD
In an international teaching context the diversity of the lesson plans is fantastic.

Helen P.
Lesson Planet provides many different ways to teach history.

Kimberley L.
Bethesda, MD
Lesson Planet helped with materials.

Elizabeth H.
Dallas, GA
I use the site for great ideas every week when I am planning.

Farrell T.
Mauldin, SC
It helps when I need substitute lessons.

Beverly L.
Center, TX

More Testimonials

I am working with a special needs class, and Lesson Planet offers a range of materials that suit the students.

Adrian C.
Tennant Creek, Au
Lesson Planet has cut my planning time in half. I was struggling to create well-designed lessons for integrated units of study and found that many existed on this site already. I love the five star rating system of each submission. I tend to agree with each evaluation. My husband found this for me because he was tired of watching me work endless hours on weekends. It was my Christmas present- inexpensive and very valuable!!

Beth H.
Milan, NM
Time-wise, Lesson Planet has been wonderful!

Peggy J.
Baytown, TX
Lesson Planet has helped me to streamline how I build my lesson plans.

Darrell B.
San Gabriel, CA
Lesson Planet is my first go-to online resource. I have used this online resource several times now and have found it to be both effective and efficient for my classroom needs.

Shari M.
Cleveland, OH
Lesson Planet provided me with ideas for my classes which has been a wonderful help.

Carleta C.
Springdale, AR
i especially like the PowerPoints and simulation ideas as they conform to Common Core standards I teach in social studies.

Patricia D.
Arnold, MD
Lesson Planet provides many Common Core aligned lessons that are great for teachers, parents, and tutors! Love it.

Wanda W.
La Plata, MD
Lessons gave me text dependent questions for the novel we're reading in class.

Catherine F.
Chicago, IL
Lesson Planet has helped very much!

Lynn E.
Johnstown, PA
It has really helped me with Social Studies. Being in an international bilingual school, we do not have a lot of resources in this area, and our time is limited as we are only with the students 50% of the week. Lesson Planet has really helped me streamline History lessons, and the children are receiving a more enriched curriculum. In addition, they have fun with the worksheets!

Trichette R.
Hartford, CT
I was able to find and modify plans while I had to be out of the classroom. A big help as I was away from my other resources.

Teresa Q.
Cameron, MO
Totally!!!! I am addicted to Lesson Planet!

Gay E.
Rochester, MI
They always have good ideas and great resources to reinforce concepts I'm teaching in my classroom.

Vikki D.
Saint Louis, MO
Lesson Planet helped me create a whole unit for ecology using all kinds of cool experiments!!!!!!

Deborah H.
Chicago, IL
Lesson Planet saved me time. It is a great resource.

Jo Q.
Newberry, FL
Lesson Planet has been a great site for me because I teach grades K-6 and some of my lessons are not easy to teach. It has made it possible for me to come with lessons students can understand. This is one of my favorite resources to pull and review from. Thank you Lesson Planet!

Denise H.
Colorado Springs, CO
It has been wonderful to come and get different ideas and to have all the worksheets at a push of a button.

Lisa R.
Indio, CA
It has been a joy to have the help you have provided to me as a first year teacher.

Ethel C.
Bruceville, TX
The resources are very helpful.

Rosaline F.
Atlantic Beach, NY
As an online HS teacher LP has helped me tremendously with extra resources! I have been able to use additional supplemental materials from here and students are able to gain more knowledge and a different perspective.

Raven J.
Phoenix, AZ
I was really struggling with a novel that I wasn't excited to teach, and the Lesson Planet unit that I found really made it much more approachable and engaging for me (and, ultimately, for my students).

Kelly K.
Redmond, WA
Lesson Planet gives me many options.

Lisa G.
Tempe, AZ
Lesson Planet has definitely saved me time and has helped engage my learners. I just taught and used the power point about the Black Plague. The students thought it was very interesting and they loved the pictures and the visuals which made it very clear.

Cathy B.
El Centro, CA
Lesson Planet is very helpful.

Natalie H.
Hurley, NY
It is amazing how the ideas I have found have made my class has very successful.

Paula W.
Shreveport, LA
Lesson Planet has saved me time and has helped me to think more creatively.

Sarah M.
Lesson Planet has assisted me greatly by giving professional yet simple advise. Thank you

Elaine H.
Lesson Planet has helped me tremendously and is a great time saver.

Denise W.
Covington, LA
Lesson Planet gave me some great ideas as a new teacher. Very helpful.

Ashley H.

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Emmy Rodgers Filmed at the CUE Annual Conference 2011 in Palm Springs, CA
Emmy Rodgers
Filmed at the CUE Annual Conference 2011 in Palm Springs, CA

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