This Week's Testimonials

It has helped me save time in designing lessons that your website has carefully selected.

Mary N.
Metairie, LA
Lesson Planet is an excellent resource for me as a physics teacher, as whenever I need a lesson plan, test, worksheet or any supported material for teaching my physics class and students.

Majed H.
Washington, DC
It has helped my impromptu course of Spanish.

Candace B.
Stone Mountain, GA
Lesson Planet made it easier to pull lessons together.

Kathie B.
Beech Grove, IN

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I run the detention program in the middle school where I work and often need additional worksheets and alternate assignments for my students to complete when in detention. Lesson Planet has saved me on more than one occassion and I tend to go to the site first before looking else where for resources.

Lisa Z.
Eufaula, OK
It has helped me expand the number of concepts regarding the same topic.

Isaac C.
Saint Louis, MO
There are many choices from which to choose appropriate materials.

Joan D.
Westminster, CO
Lesson Planet saves me time and research.

Sonia R.
LP helps me find ideas for teaching high school level science/social studies to students functioning below a second grade level.

Eileen P.
Hazlet, NJ
I'm a private tutor, and Lesson Planet helps me gather materials quickly on specific topics in different grade levels that I can adapt for one-on-one tutoring. Some of my students are ADHD, and I really appreciate it when I find lessons on the same concept taught in different ways. If one way doesn't quite work, very often I find another that works much better.

Lynne S.
Lilburn, GA
The amount of resources is simply amazing. I teach a very diverse and multilevel group of students, and rely on this site to acquire the right materials.

Jose L.
North Plainfield, NJ
I am actually not a teacher, yet. I am a college student on my way to becoming a high school math teacher. Lesson Planet has been a lifesaver on several occasions. I have used it for everything from learning how to word a lesson plan to using a lesson plan I found on the site to teach a mini-lesson. I use it quite a bit now so I know it will be invaluable in my teaching career. It is great as it is and so easy to navigate.

Irma O.
Amarillo, TX
It has saved me so much time, and has helped me push previously used lessons in new directions.

Krishna Y.
Minneapolis, MN
Fantastic resources. Lots of ideas

Katie F.
I've been playing around in the account all morning and I have to say I'm very impressed! The site is amazing! I'm also a Title I tutor (and a summer tutor) so this will help me out a TON when coming up with materials for my students both during Title I tutoring and summer tutoring! The amount of time Lesson Planet will save me is going to be mind blowing!

Zach T.
I look to Lesson Planet when I need extra lesson material. Love it!

Carol J.
Lesson Planet is simply awesome! Teachers have submited great lesson plans along with worksheets and rubrics to assess our students in a fun and creative way. I am glad that I stumbled across this wesite.....

Waymon D.
Spring, TX
I really love Lesson Planet I have utilized many of the resources in all of my classes. It saves me time from having to create many of my own resources that would otherwise not be available to me.

Heather M.
Roseville, MI
This website has helped in creating better lessons for my ELL students in Science.

Darien B.
Labelle, FL
I am a special education teacher, so to find worksheets/plans that help me accommodate my students' needs has been phenomenal. thank you.

Sandy M.
Sherman Oaks, CA
This is a wonderful resource. I find what I need very quickly. My colleagues are impressed and they are about to join too.

Christine K.
Philadelphia, PA
Lesson Planet has been a big help.

Wessal M.
It is great to be able to see what other teachers do out there.

Sue S.
Mount Prospect, IL
Lesson Planet has helped me find creative ideas to help my students learn. I love it.

Cara M.
Harrodsburg, KY
Lesson Planet supplements the curriculum in so many ways.

Anna H.
Hacienda Heights, CA
Lesson Planet provides me easy access to a lot of lesson plans.

Heather G.
Apopka, FL
Lesson Planet has provided me higher level thinking lessons that incorporate best practices whenever I am drained of ideas.

Subrenia T.
Springfield, VA
Lesson Planet helps me with access to lesson plans, materials, handouts, quick fixes, and everything in between. Thank you so much.

Gillian M.
Thank you for providing such a wonderful service. There has been plenty of times when I have needed some supplementary material, and Lesson Planet has saved me hours off my planning time.

Chamon V.
Lesson Planet has given me lesson plans or at least ideas when I had a new subject and needed help in planning the lesson.

Beth O.
Barnesville, OH
Yes, I have used this site to supplement my text books and provide extra practice for my students.

Tracy M.
Sevierville, TN
Being a first time homeschool parent/teacher to a 3rd and 4th grader, I have had difficulty finding the type of material that suits both their learning needs. I've bought numerous types of material at learning stores, and though they have been helpful, they're very limited....and expensive! I just wasn't satisfied, so after many long hours of searching online, I came across Lesson Planet. I was excited, and very relieved, to have found such a diverse collection of material. And the Lesson Plans are extremely helpful! I am so thankful I found Lesson Planet because they have given me the opportunity to do so much more for my kids. I think Lesson Planet is wonderful. Thank you so much!

Cassie W.
Port Hueneme, CA
Lesson Planet has made finding worksheets and ideas on how to teach things so much easier.

Deanna H.
Silver Spring, MD
Lesson Planet has provided me with an abundance of worksheets and lesson ideas at varying levels and abilities. I am a high school autism instructor and the need for a wide variety of activities and practice pages are a must!

Teresa C.
Maineville, OH

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Liesel Gruben
Filmed at TCEA 2011 in Austin, TX