This Week's Testimonials

Within a class period having the availability of lessons is good. My response time to struggling learners is diminishing because I can differentiate instruction at the touch of a button!! Thanks Lesson Planet!!

Monica O.
Laurel, MD
In an international teaching context the diversity of the lesson plans is fantastic.

Helen P.
Lesson Planet provides many different ways to teach history.

Kimberley L.
Bethesda, MD
Lesson Planet helped with materials.

Elizabeth H.
Dallas, GA
I use the site for great ideas every week when I am planning.

Farrell T.
Mauldin, SC
It helps when I need substitute lessons.

Beverly L.
Center, TX
I use Lesson Planet when I need to add to a lesson.

Tracy Z.
Matawan, NJ
Lesson Planet helps me find lesson plans quickly.

Elijah V.
Columbus, OH

More Testimonials

Lesson Planet helped me teach my students the concepts without using the boring materials provided by the school. My student's enjoy the activities I use to teach the learning objectives.

Denise H.
Chicago, IL
Sometimes I just need a certain something to add to the lesson, just a way to help with a particular concept or subject and lesson planet is great for that. I can search and download what I need, as I need it. It's a great site!

Kathrine K.
Eagle River, AK
Lesson Planet has provided wonderful teaching ideas and strategies in all the subject areas

Kristyna H.
Ash Flat, AR
Lesson Planet has high quality lessons. I feel more effective and more organized in the classroom!

Bonita F.
Owensboro, ky
Lesson planet makes my life easier, because many of the things that I would personally create are already produced and on this website.

Traci S.
Lima, OH
Lesson Planet has brought a lot of creativity into my classroom.

Lydia W.
Springhill, LA
Lesson Planet has allowed me to save time by helping me to efficiently find the most effective lessons for my students. It's good to know when a lesson has been successful for another teacher...because you never know!

Melissa A.
Buhl, ID
Lesson Planet has allowed me to explore multiple subjects and make connections through cross curriculum projects with teachers of other subjects. I'm grateful for such varied resources.

Angelia H.
As a home educator Lesson Planet has really helped me plan my days with the kids at home. The resources are very helpful for me.

Raewyn M.
During the Summer, I am organizing and creating my lesson plans for the next academic year. The lesson plans that I found in Lesson Planet get my creativity going. I can apply or modify them to suit the dance curriculum that I will be teaching next year. The lesson plans also help me to present a fresh approach of a subject content that I taught last academic year. Lesson Planet is a time saver.

Sara A.
Port Saint Lucie, FL
This site offers many unique and valuable lessons. Lesson Planet gives a teacher a one stop shop with outstanding variety versus other websites.

Diana P.
Boise, ID
Lesson Planet saved me time.

Helen L.
Marianna, FL
I'm a homeschool mom. I've been using and recommending it to other parents in my homeschool group and other homeschool support circles for over a year now. It's easy to search, save, view, move, around, very informative ratings, amount of files found in which subtopic. What I like most of all and keeps me coming back is NO SPAM EMAILS. All other sites send constant emails that clog up my real business email... educationing my daughter!

Shayla B.
This is a fabulous time saving tool. Whenever I need a change of pace in lesson structure, I know that Lesson Planet has the answer for what I'm looking for.

Polly F.
Steger, IL
Lesson Planet has allowed me to better serve my students by exposing me to a wide variety of techniques to teach various Algebraic concepts. In a short time I am able to benefit from others wide range of experiences in the classroom while having the latitude to alter or change what does not fit my teaching style or the learning styles of my students.

Mark Z.
Newport, KY
Lesson Planet has always had my back. The fact is that we do not have to reinvent the wheel because Lesson Planet will have anything you need when it comes to educational lessons and activities.

Edward L.
Box Elder, MT
I am a homeschool parent and Lesson Planet has given me the materials I need to teach my daughter all the subjects she needs.

Anita G.
Fort Wayne, IN
I really appreciate the lesson plans, as well as the stories that are aligned with the new common core standards. Thank you so very much, and I will continue to use the ideas and lessons. I highly recommend lesson planet to everyone.

Chenita L.
Cofield, NC
With the common cores standards being implemented, Lesson Planet has allowed me to do fast research with great resources including primary sources right at my fingertips. It has been great resource for my classroom.

Claudine S.
Lisle, IL
I'm a Mom and I have used resources found on the Lesson Planet site to teach my children who are now at the top of their classes. I can always find sheets on what I want to teach them or work on improving. I believe the worksheets have greatly contributed to their success!

Nicole T.
The number of resources is fabulous!

Barb D.
Payson, AZ
Lesson Planet really helped me to narrow my searches and save time!

Earl K.
Dexter, NM
This lessons I found on the site will help enhance my instructions while the students build business skills.

Kathy W.
Clinton Township, MI
I used the career assessment workbook. It gave me ready-made worksheets to use in class. it's a time-saver!

Gloria A.
Northridge, CA
I was looking for a fun learning activity to do with my class before we leave for the winter holiday. The first grade team is rotating their classes through different centers. I chose to do a math center and this one seems to fit the bill. Thank You

Brenda P.
White Plains, MD
Lesson Planet has saved me time developing lesson plans. All I need is to peruse the lessons on this site, and it gets my creative juices flowing. A lot of times I will use the printables that go with the lesson plans, and just modify as needed.

Maria J.
Cedar Falls, IA
Lesson Planet gives me ideas.

Diana M.
Staten Island, NY
I love Lesson Planet immensely! I could not have survived my student teaching without it!!!!

Lisa N.
Indio, CA
Lesson Planet provides so many great ideas!

Joyce C.
Lesson Planet provides me with great ideas!

Olivia F.

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Liesel Gruben
Filmed at TCEA 2011 in Austin, TX

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