This Week's Testimonials

It has helped my impromptu course of Spanish.

Candace B.
Stone Mountain, GA
Lesson Planet made it easier to pull lessons together.

Kathie B.
Beech Grove, IN

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I'm just a student teacher, but lesson planet is one of the most helpful websites I've come across. Any time I'm struggling with ideas for a lesson plan, unfamiliar with new content, or just looking for new and creative materials lesson planet is one of the first places I go!

Megan C.
Albuquerque, NM
Lesson Planet provides me with inspiring activities and lesson plans.

June N.
NSW, Australia
LP is awesome. Thanks

Tara D.
Eastsound, WA
The site provides not only resources, but also ideas for how to reach the needs of my students.

Michael F.
Absecon, NJ
Lesson Planet has helped me provide a more dynamic plan to each subject area.

Lonny R.
Melville, NY
Lesson Planet has saved me tons of time.

Levi J.
Laramie, WY
Lesson Planet has helped me to find supplemental content very quickly.

Billie R.
Devine, TX
Lesson Planet has helped by making available lessons I request.

Mike Y.
North Port, FL
Lesson Planet is a tremendous resource that puts a little bit of sanity back in the process of organizing.

Eric B.
Conneaut, OH
It has given me many great ideas and some worksheets to help present information.

Marnie M.
Hickory, NC
Lesson Planet has provided resources when I need them, and that are consistent with my own approach to rigor.

Morghean M.
Durham, NC
Lesson Planet helps me to be able to see different teaching styles.

Tracey W.
Elk Garden, WV
Lesson Planet has given me ideas on where to start lessons.

Sarah C.
Lockport, IL
There are great time saving ideas on a wide range of subjects.

Heather G.
Lilydale TAS, Australia
I am able to find many resources to use in my classroom.

Denise G.
St Thomas, VI
Helps me locate resources that will inspire my students to explore and learn about different parts of the world.

Christy H.
Merryville, LA
Hey, So I'm a student teacher in Australia. Lesson Planet has been a life saver! Ive found some great activities, experiments and worksheets! Why should we re-invent the wheel in our teaching rounds! Thank you everybody! The culture here is amazing!

Sara A.
Victoria, Australia
Lesson Planet is the teacher workroom where Ideas are created by teachers for teachers who are searching for ways to reach all learners.

Viki D.
Humble, TX
So far so good. I think Lesson Planet is good as it is.

Johan G.
Lesson Planet has been a great help in adding to my lesson plans. When I need something extra I can always come here and get what I need.

Katherine A.
Casper, WY
Lesson Planet has helped a lot!

Kirsten B.
Addis, LA
I love the fact that it is linked to the common core.

Mary Q.
Newport, MI
I have found a great basis for lesson ideas on lesson planet. As a new teacher, the reassurance of having somewhere to go for ideas relieves a lot of stress from planning.

Annsley E.
Jacksonville, FL
Lesson Planet gets my creative juices flowing even if I don't use the lesson exactly as it is presented on the web site.

Jane D.
Macon, GA
This resource is amazing! It is a quick go to for homework that scaffolds lessons. The worksheets usually include a quick reteach as well which is a winner with parents and students. Thank you is an understatement.

Woodraille G.
Greensboro, NC
Lesson Planet has given me creative ideas.

Tamela M.
Saskatoon, Canada
Lesson Planet has helped me find new ideas on topics I am working on in class.

Angela A.
Waco, TX
This site is quite useful to me as the resources uploaded in this site are of high standard. The videos and presentations are very useful.

Remya D.
Bridgewater, NJ
Lesson Planet is aiding in the implementation of the Common Core Standards.

Roger C.
Chesterton, IN
Provides me with a variety of ideas and teaching approaches for different concepts with quick keyword searches.

Michele F.

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Liesel Gruben Filmed at TCEA 2011 in Austin, TX
Liesel Gruben
Filmed at TCEA 2011 in Austin, TX