This Week's Testimonials

It has really helped me a lot since I started subscribing. That's why I renewed my subscription. Thanks. (LP member since 2010)

Linda B.
Staunton, VA
Lesson Planet helps me to find station work for my reading groups, sub work, and supplemental work.

Sara W.
Milwaukee, WI
I love Lesson Planet. This site is amazing for finding lesson plans that will accommodate my special needs students.

Joanna T.
Box Springs, GA
Lesson Planet helps by providing a bunch of ideas for lessons.

Mohammed M.
Lesson Planet helps by providing lessons and activities that are relevant.

Lawanda H.
Dade City, FL
Lesson Planet has been awesome. It has given loads of insight and ideas!

Yvonne W.
Lesson Planet is a great resource to try new things in the classroom. A wide variety of concepts and ideas.

Brian C.

More Testimonials

Lesson Planet is a time saver!

Jennifer A.
Bristol, RI
Worksheets in just a jiffy!!

Cynthia D.
Chatom, AL
It has helped me to find helpful lessons and ideas quickly that I can implement the very next day.

Angela W.
I have found new, creative lessons that are great.

Cheryl Z.
Los Angeles, CA
I have received wonderful lesson plans!

Leslie L.
Norfolk, VA
I love being able to find plenty of teaching resources in one place. I think it's great!

Cindy W.
Foley, AL
Lesson Planet has helped me design engaging lesson plans for my students.

Carol E.
Georgetown, MA
Lesson Planet helps with many ideas for fun learning experiences.

Melina M.
Guaynabo, PR
I now have a larger range of lessons to choose from based on student need.

Brittney H.
Iowa, LA
Lesson Planet helps me with worksheets for use with substitute teachers.

Genevieve V.
Wilmington, DE
Lesson Planet has made it easier for me to help my students understand and relate to the information provided in my lesson plans. Also, my parents seem to better understand how the materials presented to their children help them to be better students.

Terri E.
Cincinnati, OH
Saved me time providing quality lessons.

Joanne P.
Lesson Planet helps with great tools for many skills.

Constance C.
Bryan, TX
The ready availability of resources has helped me update the activities and handouts that I use with my class. I also love the easy format to find materials to use.

Kelly S.
Waterbury, CT
It's really helpful and the worksheets are well designed. I teach 6th and often run out of ideas. This site helps stimulate them for me.

Cheryl S.
Boston, MA
Lesson Planet helps gives me ideas about lessons that I would not have thought about.

Mike C.
Phoenix, AZ
Lesson Planet has helped me through the years with a lesson I was not sure how to present!

Kathie C.
Cheraw, SC
It has given me useful tips and plans.

Stephanie A.
Belleville, NJ
Lesson Planet provides me with options when introducing a new story and developing engaging lessons.

Yolanda P.
Chicago, IL
Lesson Planet has been a huge time saver as far as creating worksheets.

Brandon L.
Louisville, KY
Lesson Planet has saved time for me. Gave me so many ideas, too. A great "angel" for me.

Mary E.
Lesson Planet has helped me get ideas for lessons and activities. Keep up the great work.

Tanya B.
Lake Charles, LA
When plans are needed, and time is short, I begin here for help from my colleagues. The framework of lessons, excellent worksheets, and multimedia presentations has proved extremely helpful.

Kathy S.
Norwood, NJ
Lesson Planet has helped me get ideas for lessons and activities. Keep up the great work.

Tanya B.
Lake Charles, LA
This is my first year teaching Earth Science and Lesson Planet has been a big help. I am able to get lessons that are exciting and rigorus. Thanks....

Vickie P.
Covington, GA
I am working with a special needs class, and Lesson Planet offers a range of materials that suit the students.

Adrian C.
Tennant Creek, Au
Lesson Planet has cut my planning time in half. I was struggling to create well-designed lessons for integrated units of study and found that many existed on this site already. I love the five star rating system of each submission. I tend to agree with each evaluation. My husband found this for me because he was tired of watching me work endless hours on weekends. It was my Christmas present- inexpensive and very valuable!!

Beth H.
Milan, NM
Time-wise, Lesson Planet has been wonderful!

Peggy J.
Baytown, TX
Lesson Planet has helped me to streamline how I build my lesson plans.

Darrell B.
San Gabriel, CA
Lesson Planet is my first go-to online resource. I have used this online resource several times now and have found it to be both effective and efficient for my classroom needs.

Shari M.
Cleveland, OH

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Liesel Gruben
Filmed at TCEA 2011 in Austin, TX

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