This Week's Testimonials

Lesson Planet is an excellent resource for me as a physics teacher, as whenever I need a lesson plan, test, worksheet or any supported material for teaching my physics class and students.

Majed H.
Washington, DC
It has helped my impromptu course of Spanish.

Candace B.
Stone Mountain, GA
Lesson Planet made it easier to pull lessons together.

Kathie B.
Beech Grove, IN

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Lesson Planet helps me to focus on one topic at a time.

Julie C.
Youngsville, LA
Finding lessons on the topics that are important to me is easy. The lessons are organized well, and I can search by grade level and topic, filtering out lessons that are not at the appropriate grade level or relate to subjects that we are not currently studying. I am quite happy with my Lesson Planet experience!

Bekki L.
South Bend, IN
I teach middle school students life skills during an after-school program. Lesson Planet gives me innovative ideas to enrich my presentations. Also, it helps me to organize and to fill my lesson plans with fun and excitement for every student.

Christopher B.
Jackson, MS
Lesson Planet has a great variety of lesson to choose from.

Andra C.
Douglasville, GA
Lesson Planet has helped me a lot! I do not have a set "thing" that I teach. I am a special education teacher and I teach social skills for students that lack in this area. Most of my students are with me for behavior only. I love it that I can come here and research a lesson plan that I feel that my students need!

Chasity V.
Scottsville, KY
Lesson Planet has been helpful in finding creative ways to spark students interest in learning new skills. I have used some of the materials and lessons to integrate into the skills that I want my students to master.

Janice W.
Chicago, IL
By providing the lesson plans Lesson Planet made my life easy.

Sarah B.
Philadelphia, PA
Lesson Planet has provided me additional ideas and presentations that could be used in the classroom.

Daisy H.
Jacksonville, FL
Great resources and assistance...

Mark W.
Sutton, MA
Lesson Planet helps give me ideas and examples of how to create really fun interactive lesson plans.

Bridgette B.
Brooklyn, NY
Lesson planet has provided resources in various science topics that I have utilized in power point presentation and lab activities.

Desiree J.
Linden, NJ
Lesson Planet has helped immensely. The lessons are so creative and self explanatory for both teachers and students.

Harvey L.
Dallas, TX
I am a student teacher so any help with lesson planning and learning helpful. Mostly I use it to look up examples for assignments.

Rebecca C.
Lesson Planet is great.

Brigette A.
Biloxi, MS
Lesson Planet has inspired me and helped me look for connections.

Annemarie G.
Cross Hill, SC
Lesson Planet has helped me add more details to my lessons and expand hands on experience learning activities for math and science.

Judith F.
West Hartford, CT
I am so excited to see the different ways I can teach my students any subject and make it fun!

Stephanie B.
Tampa, FL
As a second year biology, chemistry, and physics teacher, Lesson Planet has saved me many hours of time by having both lesson plans and worksheets available for use. It has really helped me organize my lessons and materials while building the curriculum.

Jessica K.
Miami, FL
Lesson Planet has aided me as a new elementary teacher by providing teaching points and direction when lesson planning.

Rochelle G.
Charlotte, NC
It has provided me with valuable lesson ideas.

Thomas G.
Freeport, NY
Lesson Planet has given me a variety of ideas and also quick activities to use.

Lisa B.
Prospect Heights, IL
I have found many great lessons to help me out.

Angela B.
Macon, GA
Lesson Planet has cut down on my planning time for science and social studies. It has given me creative ideas for units and materials for math centers and materias to share at grade level planning.

Kristen A.
Parkton, NC
Love it and all the pre-made items.

Stephanie S.
Jefferson, GA
It's great. Teaching an adult esl class means finding appropriate materials for older women. I can use any or most of these lessons for the beginning intermediate women after I check the topic of the worksheet.

Judy G.
Ewa Beach, HI
Lesson Planet provides a wide variety of resources and ideas that I can use as is or modify to fit the needs of my students.

Erika F.
Woodbridge, VA
I am a student teacher who always SERIOUSLY ALWAYS relies on Lesson Planet's enormously helpful tools for finding lesson ideas/strategies to get me on my way towards designing excellent instructional ideas for my students that are engaging, relevant and rich with best practice ideas - I love LP and could not do student practicum without it! Thank you for sharing and in such a beautifully easy format.

Banafsheh K.
Lesson Planet is awesome! It gives you ideas and a template to make your classroom more dynamic. Lesson Planet has made it easier for me to differentiate my instuction so all my students are engaged!

Christopher M.
Medford, NJ
Lesson Planet is simply amazing. Saves time and energy. I have been able to adapt most of the resources and lesson plans to suit my own classroom situation.

Chenuna M.
Des Moines, Iowa
Absolute great help! Occasionally when I need I an idea, I will look into Lesson planet :) It is a great resource among many in a competitive virtual world, Highly recommended!

Alan W.

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Emmy Rodgers Filmed at the CUE Annual Conference 2011 in Palm Springs, CA
Emmy Rodgers
Filmed at the CUE Annual Conference 2011 in Palm Springs, CA