This Week's Testimonials

It has really helped me a lot since I started subscribing. That's why I renewed my subscription. Thanks. (LP member since 2010)

Linda B.
Staunton, VA
Lesson Planet helps me to find station work for my reading groups, sub work, and supplemental work.

Sara W.
Milwaukee, WI
I love Lesson Planet. This site is amazing for finding lesson plans that will accommodate my special needs students.

Joanna T.
Box Springs, GA
Lesson Planet helps by providing a bunch of ideas for lessons.

Mohammed M.
Lesson Planet helps by providing lessons and activities that are relevant.

Lawanda H.
Dade City, FL
Lesson Planet has been awesome. It has given loads of insight and ideas!

Yvonne W.
Lesson Planet is a great resource to try new things in the classroom. A wide variety of concepts and ideas.

Brian C.
As a teacher, Lesson Planet has helped me with my Verbal Lessons. The worksheets are great!

Jean M.
East Elmhurst, NY

More Testimonials

Helps me find great supplementals to add to my teaching.

Susan L.
Saddle Brook, NJ
Lesson Planet is very helpful.

Debra S.
Rochester, NY
Lesson Planet saves time.

Fiorella B.
Hollywood, FL
Lesson Planet has helped me look at different aspects of a given story and helped me to expand my repertoire of stories and strategies.

Laura O.
Chicago, IL
Saved time and found great lessons.

Renee K.
Navarre, OH
I prepare a unit outline and correlate it with the UT State Physics Core and then go looking for ideas to implement my outline. LessonPlanet has provided me with many good ideas that enrich and support my lesson and lab planning. Best money I've spent this year.

David W.
Provo, UT
As a new Kindergarten teacher, I would have been overwhelmed learning a new curriculum as well as designing lessons following Common Core. Thanks to Lesson Planet, I have great resources for my class, and I know which ones are aligned to our standards. This has saved me countless hours of work-at-home time. Thank you, Lesson Planet!

Erika C.
Avon, CO
Lesson Planet provided many useful lessons.

Luci L.
Mulberry, FL
Lesson Planet helps with endless resources. It's wonderful.

Lakia B.
Wilmington, DE
Lesson Planet has helped with relevant and creative lesson ideas.

Marcia M.
Brooklyn, NY
I am a student. Lesson Planet has been very informative.

Joyce B.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
I am a student teacher. Lesson Planet has helped me compile information to develop my own lesson plans.

Patricia H.
El Dorado, AR
At least once per week I need a different perspective in lesson planning so I inevitably resort to Lesson Planet. It has helped me to plan quickly and effectively considering the wide range of subjects and topics.

Veronica L.
Brooklyn, NY
Lesson Planet has given me great time saving ideas.

Terri M.
Auburn, CA
Lesson Planet has helped me as a teacher by providing ideas when I am stuck on how to teach an idea or concept.

Jessica K.
Aurora, CO
Lesson Planet has helped so much.

Michelle G.
Manasquan, NJ
Lesson Planet saved me time on finding differentiated lessons.

Irving S.
Brooklyn, NY
Lesson Planet has saved me time with creating lesson plans.

Antonio C.
North Richland Hills, TX
Lesson Planet has helped me a great deal on occasion when preparing a new lesson plan.

Jon T.
Smithtown, NY
Good ideas and save time for planning. Great resources it has helped me a lot

Ade A.
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
Lesson Planet helps me plan lessons according to common core. The lesson are creative and fun for the students.

Mary C.
Fayetteville, NC
Lesson Planet has save me a lot of time in regards to lesson-plan preparation time and activities.

Gene T.
Inwood, NY
Having the worksheets with the plans is a huge time saver.

Jill S.
Sugar Land, TX
LessonPlanet has saved me a lot of prep time.

Bruce Z.
Auburn, AL
I often use the presentations and the worksheets. It helps with the planning, by shortening time it takes to write a lesson plan.

Natalie R.
Olympia Fields, IL
One of the first places I go to for lesson ideas! I love the ideas on here and I always can find the content I need.

Danae M.
Marion, OH
Lesson Planet has helped me with time saving lessons that can be adapted to my NYC curriculum.

Moira C.
Bronx, NY
Lesson Planet helps with curriculum mapping, lesson planning, activities, and assessments.

Keith L.
Corbin, KY
Lesson Planet helped me with lesson plans when I was out for surgery.

Virginia H.
Ewa Beach, PA
Makes worksheets available in a convenient way.

Carlene C.
Roebuck, SC

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Liesel Gruben
Filmed at TCEA 2011 in Austin, TX

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