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Lesson Plan has saved me hours of preparation time, by having informative and attractive resources readily available.

Robyn H.
Yes! Lesson Planet helps me as a teacher.

Krystyl M.
Woodside, NY

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There are so many lesson available here I hope that next school year, since I am teaching a new subject (AGAIN) this site will help me to get a head start on planning and time management.

Deneen G.
Macon, GA
Lesson Planet saves me time when I am looking for lesson ideas.

Melba T.
Idaho Falls, ID
Lesson Planet is great. I love to see new ideas and the thinking behind lessons.

Carole M.
Victoria, Australia
Lesson Planet helps me find fun worksheets.

Robin M.
Suffolk, VA
Lesson Planet saves me time when I am looking for lesson ideas.

Melba T.
Idaho Falls, ID
Lesson Planet helps by providing me with lessons plans I can almost always use in my classroom.

Mayra G.
Luling, TX
Lesson Planet provides me with a multitude of lessons and activities.

Shad M.
Stanton , MI
I love Lesson Planet because it has so many resources that I can use immediately or adapt as needed. It is a lifesaver and energizes me when I need something to extend or enhance my existing lessons.

Cynthia C.
Norman, OK
Lesson Planet has made my life a lot easier by allowing me to search through a huge array of worksheets and lesson plans that I use in my classes. I thoroughly enjoy the wonderful organization of this website.

Bj E.
Chicago, IL
This website provides me with creative ideas for my classroom. I use it as a resource for many things.

Nikita B.
Greentown, IN
I really love Lesson Planet and the hundreds of ideas and resources available. For me, your site is a must because I am a first-year teacher and I love all the wonderful lesson plans, worksheets, and volumes of wisdom provided by so many wonderful experienced educators. Thanks!

Debbie T.
Lindale, TX
Lesson Planet provided the materials during student teaching that helped reinforce the skills I taught my students. I am now using it in China to help with teaching ESL. It is a wonderful resource and I will keep subscribing!

Noelle R.
Canton, OH
Lesson Planet has given me a great deal of hands-on ideas for math. Using many of these ideas, my students are learning more and I hear comments on a daily basis like, "Thanks for making math fun!"

Felicia M.
Montgomery, AL
I just transferred mid-year to an art teacher position; it has been more than 15 years since I taught art. I needed some quick ideas to get started. Thank you Lesson Planet!

Carol G.
Gurnee, IL
Lesson Planet has been a lifesaver for me, especially when I am in a time crunch and need a resource quickly. While I consider myself a very creative person, sometimes I need to utilize the great ideas of fellow teachers to get my creative juices flowing. Lesson Planet has been pivotal in this regard.

Jessica H.
Bethlehem, GA
Lesson Planet has been a valuable resource for a poverty-stricken school district! The ability to provide differentiated instruction across a broad spectrum of subjects has helped me be a better teacher for my students.

John M.
Calhoun, GA
I am a student teacher who is needing help creating a unit plan. Lesson Planet has been a tremendous help.

Leomaris G.
Poughkeepsie, NY
I have really appreciated the connecting links to a variety of sources (i.e. National Geographic) and the teacher-tested lessons have been very helpful for me in planning my units. Thanks Lesson Planet!

Gary S.
Indianapolis, IN
Lesson Planet offers ideas to spark imagination and bring relevant instruction to the classroom.

Jennifer F.
Las Vegas, NV
LP is invaluable; it has decreased my monthly lesson plan panic considerably. It has broadened my idea of what a lesson should be and helped me to level instruction to my students more effectively. Thanks LP

Fotini K.
Lesson Planet is a wonderful resource. I can easily search for lesson ideas and love the great printables. Lesson Planet has cut down on my planning time because I can usually find tried and true lessons on any subject. Why reinvent the wheel?

Nanette S.
Northfield, VT
Lesson Planet helped me teach my students the concepts without using the boring materials provided by the school. My students enjoy the activities I use to teach the learning objectives.

Denise H.
Chicago, IL
Sometimes I just need a certain something to add to the lesson, just a way to help with a particular concept or subject, and Lesson Planet is great for that. I can search and download what I need, as I need it. It's a great site!

Kathrine K.
Eagle River, AK
Lesson Planet has provided wonderful teaching ideas and strategies in all the subject areas.

Kristyna H.
Ash Flat, AR
Lesson Planet has high quality lessons. I feel more effective and more organized in the classroom!

Bonita F.
Owensboro, ky
Lesson Planet makes my life easier, because many of the things that I would personally create are already produced and on this website.

Traci S.
Lima, OH
Lesson Planet has brought a lot of creativity into my classroom.

Lydia W.
Springhill, LA
Lesson Planet has allowed me to save time by helping me to efficiently find the most effective lessons for my students. It's good to know when a lesson has been successful for another teacher...because you never know!

Melissa A.
Buhl, ID
Lesson Planet has allowed me to explore multiple subjects and make connections through cross curricular projects with teachers of other subjects. I'm grateful for such varied resources.

Angelia H.
As a home educator, Lesson Planet has really helped me plan my days with the kids at home. The resources are very helpful for me.

Raewyn M.

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