Adventures in Chemistry: Experiments

Collector: Ann V.

Twenty-one Inquiry-based lessons provide young scientists with an opportunity to experiment with a variety of chemical reactions. Classroom investigators make observations, develop basic lab skills, and follow step-by-step instructions to compare water, mineral oil, and corn syrup to discover the unique characteristics of each material. They combine food coloring, detergent, and milk and observe how they react with the different liquid combinations. Scholars explore the absorption properties of the gel compound in diapers, use M and Ms to demonstrate how positive and negative charges interact, explore the properties of the slime, and observe the reactions of mentos dropped in diet coke. Pupils conduct experiments to learn how the difference in temperature affects evaporation rates, build parachutes out of shopping bags, dissolve eggshells, and study condensation, evaporation, and static electricity. The experiments use readily available materials, and no lab is required for these lessons, which may be taught in any order.

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