Advertising All Around Us

This Advertising All Around Us handout & reference also includes:

Here is a set of advertising lessons, explore language, techniques, representation, and target audiences. Discuss the impact ads have on our daily lives. What do we see and how do they make us feel? Observe ads from around the world and the differences you see among them.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Make a collage of pictures related to the same topic
  • Since young adults view the majority of their ads through the internet, discuss and/or explore advertisements they might see online and how they are the same or different from those in another medium
Classroom Considerations

  • Collect magazines, comics, and newspapers while previewing the contents to ensure their level of appropriateness for the class
  • Distribute copies of strategy sheets for pupils to reference when needed 

  • Two reference sheets are provided for additional information 
  • An extended learning activity is listed for each primary activity

  • None