CK-12 Earth Science Concepts for Middle School

This CK-12 Earth Science Concepts for Middle School ebook also includes:

Explore a variety of science concepts in an interactive textbook created for middle school scholars. A lengthy table of contents takes readers to pages comprised of a subject overview, outline, and summary. Follow links further to find chapter resources, details, and attributions. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Bookmark the link on a classroom device, direct pupils to browse concepts in need of extra practice
  • Go over the webpage with parents and guardians at Back-to-School Night or Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Provide the link for learners to have access at home, encourage them to seek guidance when needed  
Classroom Considerations
  • User comments are visible 
  • Items in the Resources tab are currently unavailable 
  • A table of contents with clickable links makes finding information quick and easy 
  • Many chapters include an eye-catching photograph 
  • The book can be downloaded, edited, and saved