Performance-Based Assessment Practice Test (Grade 6 ELA/Literacy)

Curated and Reviewed by Lesson Planet

Keep an eye on the growth of your sixth graders' reading and writing skills with the help of this practice Common Core assessment. Working their way through the six included fiction and nonfiction reading passages, learners answer a series of multiple choice questions and produce three essays that demonstrate their learning.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • This practice assessment can serve as a opportunity for children to learn and practice different test-taking strategies
  • Have the class correct their assessments with a partner or in small groups, encouraging them to discuss any questions they answered incorrectly
  • After discussing teacher-created essay samples as a whole class, allow students to self-assess their own essay responses
Classroom Considerations
  • Plan a trip to your school's computer lab so your class can gain experience with taking online assessments
  • Even though they are based on the same reading passages, the paper and computer-based versions of the test have minor differences in their questions
  • To support children with vision impairments a large-print version of the test is provided, but your school's printers may or may not be able to create documents this size
  • Multiple choice questions involve two parts, requiring student to identify textual evidence that supports their answers
  • Computer-based and paper versions of the test are included in this resource
  • Answer keys and rubrics are provided for assessing student performance
  • None