Lesson Plan

The Untold Story: The Black Struggle for Freedom during the Revolutionary War in Maryland

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The American Revolution brought freedom to select groups and ignored others. An enlightening resource highlights the struggle of African Americans during the American Revolution and their efforts to escape slavery. Scholars analyze primary sources, such as runaway slave advertisements, to understand how the war did not bring freedom to African Americans. The resource also provides worksheets, hands-on activities, and group discussion to help academics understand the struggles African Americans faced, as well as the determination of American colonists to maintain the institution of slavery.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have pupils write a short story highlighting the struggles of runaway slaves
  • Compare the treatment of African Americans and Native Americans during the American Revolution 
Classroom Considerations
  • Some primary sources contain vocabulary that is offensive to African Americans 
  • The lesson provides extensive background information on the topic 
  • Activities can be completed in pairs or groups to enhance engagement 
  • None