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Lesson Planet helps to stimulate ideas.

Jeannette S.
Grand Blanc, MI
When I went on this site, I did not know what all it entailed. I just knew I needed help with teaching Life Skills. I found it to be all inclusive of every subject I needed help with. Its excellent! Member since 2016.

Glendora W.
Washington, TX
Lesson Planet has been a big help.

Jennifer B.
Metropolis, IL
Lesson Planet has helped me tremendously as a new high school teacher that teaches 4 sciences. The different methods of delivering the content is helpful and in one place. Member since 2015.

Monica H.
Spring, TX
Lesson Planet has helped me very much and given me more ideas for future lessons.

Yuniet C.
Bronx, NY
Lesson Planet has helped me with ideas for improving my teaching plan.

Paula T.
Glendale, AZ
I have saved time besides the students enjoy the activities in each lesson. Very helpful! Member since 2015.

Irene L.
Humacao, PR
Lesson Planet provides me excellent extra help. Member since 2015.

Cheryl C.
Everett, MA
Finding resources already drawn up, and ready to go has allowed me to spend less time reinventing the wheel, and more time educating the students. I would have had to spend so much more time just developing these worksheets, and amassing the videos/tutorials, and what have you, that I wouldn't have been able to catch up.

James M.
Lead, SD
I teach multiple subjects and I was skeptical about this source at first. Right away I found lessons that I can use on this site. It is worth the money.

James L.
United States
I am short on time and ideas at this point. Thank you Lesson Planet for helping my brain to work.

R O.
Bentonville, AR
Lesson Planet is easy to follow and handy to use.

Hieu T.
United States
Lesson Planet has helped me a lot to get updated on activities for my students.

Lorena S.
Anthony, NM
Lesson Planet provides resources for extra practice with reading skills that I am teaching in my classroom. Member since 2014.

Donna J.
Florence, AL
Lesson Planet provides me with lesson plans and activities for various grade levels.

Brenda B.
New Richland, MN
Lesson Planet is extremely helpful.

Beverly C.
Riverdale, GA
Lesson Planet is useful and handy to me as a teacher. Member since 2013.

Paul L.
Woodburn, OR
All the resources given is truly a gift towards the classroom and the students enjoy the lessons. We are grateful!

April J.
Peoria, IL
I get great lesson and unit plans from Lesson Planet

Veronica W.
Fort Worth, TX
I am a Life Coach for young girls and I have been tremendously helped by Lesson Planet.

Deborah S.
Park Forest, IL
I've had access to lots of lessons for multiple grade levels and additional information on how to teach the lessons.

Brandy A.
Spring, TX
Lesson Planet has helped me immensely. I am a first year teacher and these plans have enabled me to be a better educator

Rebecca J.
Clarks Hill, SC
Lesson Planet has allowed me to find lessons relevant to my students. Member since 2015.

Karen C.
Brooklyn, NY
Using Lesson Planet saved me time and inspired creative ideas!

Karen L.
Feeding Hills, MA
I have found many fantastic worksheets, lessons, and ideas that have made my classes fun and educational. Keep up the good work. Member since 2011.

Jennifer P.
Batavia, OH
Lesson Planet has helped me to better develop my skills through new and exciting ideas. Continue the good work.

Virginia H.
Pine Bluff, AR
I am a student teacher and Lesson Planet helps me a lot with my planning and saves a lot of time.

Kamilah T.
Brooklyn, NY
Lesson Planet helps me find supplemental resources so quickly! Your web site has so many interesting worksheets that are just right for my second grade class!

Jeana R.
Lancaster, CA
As a mental health therapist, I find the lesson plans to be invaluable tools that assist in helping clients to understand both basic and advanced social and time management skills.

Jennifer D.
Hopkins, MN
I love what I've found for students I tutor outside of school. This website makes it very quick & easy to narrow in on the lessons needed for different levels and subject.

Sam S.
Hutchinson, MN

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Liesel Gruben
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