This Week's Testimonials

Lesson Planet absolutely helps me as a teacher!

Jo A.
Minot, ND
Lesson Planet provides easy access to materials for reteaching.

Brenda J.
Del Rio, TX
Lesson Planet eases my workload. Member since 2009.

Anne H.
Saint Paul, MN
Yes, I just go on Lesson Planet and get the worksheets or lessons that I need to help me. I love this website.

Pauline W.
San Jose, CA
Lesson Planet has given me more materials to introduce on the stories we are reading.

Mary A.
Daphne, AL
Lesson Planet has saved me time. The lesson plan are easy to use.

Rosa C.
Mount Vernon, NY
Lesson Planet has helped me tremendously, the quantity and quality are through the roof! This has allowed me to actually strengthen my lesson planning.

Erik K.
Delaware, OH
Lesson Planet has helped in the preparation of my lessons when I needed extra materials to go along with the lesson. Member since 2010.

Winona W.
Nashville, AR
Lesson Planet has given me many fresh ideas for my classrooms. Member since 2014.

Jennifer J.
Richmond, VA
Lesson Planet has saved me time.

Sarah F.
West Roxbury, MA
I have enjoyed using Lesson Planet especially when I have run out of creativity and/or energy. I can quickly look up ideas shared by others that work. It's like sitting in a collaboration sessions of teachers as they shared best practices.

Lisa B.
Riverside, CA
Yes, Lesson Planet is excellent.

Kimberly F.
Lesson Planet saves me from inventing the wheel again and again. Member since 2011.

Kathy M.
Minneapolis, MN
Lesson Planet has given me good ideas.

Steven W.
Cypress, CA

More Testimonials

Lesson Planet has helped me to create some great learning opportunities for my students. It is great!

Michelle P.
Phoenix, AZ
I have been extremely happy with the materials I've located. I'm always looking for new ways to spice things up with my high school students. I use group activities quite often to help my students so finding other ideas is a time-saver for sure. Member since 2010.

Lori H.
Phoenix, AZ
Lesson Planet has helped me design engaging instructional materials. It is so well organized.

Toni L.
Richardson, TX
Lesson Planet is helpful. At first I had difficulty understanding the how to and what. Now it seems that Lesson Planet understands using my attempts to predict what my interests are. Thank you Lesson Planet.

Helen W.
Bentonia, MS
I am an MAT student at USC and Lesson Planet has helped me design the 5E lesson plans for high school science! Thank you!

Bonnie B.
Temecula, CA
Lesson Planet helps tremendously.

Marta M.
Lesson Planet helps tremendously because you have REAL life lessons that are part of the Music Curriculum!

Paula P.
Virginia Beach, VA
Lesson Planet helps a lot! It saves me time.

Eva J.
Henderson, NC
Lesson Planet has helped me by giving me great ideas! I love the complete lesson plans it offers.

Cynthia P.
Mariana Islands
I am actually an education student and this site has helped me learn to write my own lesson plans. It has also given me guidance on grade level-appropriate lessons and how I can modify current lessons.

Tracy O.
Rome, GA
Lesson Planet helps me by providing examples and jumping off points for me to teach and make my lessons.

Milton B.
Wichita, KS
Lesson Planet helps me find great ideas. Member since 2004.

Cynthia J.
Shiprock, NM
Lesson Planet helps me find so many resources!

Alex G.
Clinton, NC
Lesson Planet has provided great ideas.

Patricia J.
Lesson Planet has made it easier for me to plan.

Tanya M.
Pomona, NY
Lesson Planet has helped me a lot with my previous grade levels from K-6. Now I am reinstating my membership because I know it can help me more with my middle school special education classes.

Carmelita J.
Jamesville, VA
Lesson Planet has helped me more easily plan out my science lessons.

Sergio N.
San Jose, CA
All of the components of a great lesson are included. Member since 2011.

Mary C.
Metairie, LA
Quick and easy resources you can use the next day with your class. A great time-saver!

Rita A.
Lesson Planet helps with great last minute resources for additional practice.

Sheryl D.
Sanford, NC
Lesson Planet is very helpful to me as a student teacher.

Philomena A.
Lesson Planet has helped a lot.

Larry D.
Durham, NC
Lesson Planet has really helped in reinforcing Common Core.

Barbara G.
Crownpoint, NM
When I need a last-minute worksheet or idea, Lesson Planet gives me so much to choose from!

Lorrie O.
Newark, OH
It is an excellent resource to have all these lesson plans, supplemental documents, and teacher reviews at your fingertips!

Jaimee J.
Richmond, VA
Lesson Planet helps me understand what to do better.

Katie W.
Warren, AR
Lesson Planet helps me find lesson plans and assignments for students.

Marilyn N.
Irving, TX
Lesson Planet has helped immensely. Lesson Planet member since 2009.

Dimetia S.
Matteson, IL
Lesson Planet has provided inspiration and concrete materials I need to succeed.

Steven S.
Gallup, NM
I am teaching middle school for the first time this year, and Lesson Planet has helped me find some great lessons and activities that are ready to print off and ready to go. I've been impressed by how much is here and this website has definitely saved me tons of time!

Kristel O.
Indianapolis, IN

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