Unit Plan

Ready, Set, Respect!

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Instill the importance of respect in your classroom with a comprehensive unit that focuses on positive behavior in and outside of school. Three parts, each separated into four grade-specific lessons, cover bullying, bias, name-calling, family diversity, gender roles, and gender diversity. Discussion, worksheets, role play, and cooperative learning activities encourage critical thinking and self-reflection while fostering partnerships among peers. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Gather a collection of the books listed on pages 61-64, set titles out for learners to browse when time permits 
  • Play a video at the start of a lesson to hook participants' attention, or play videos at the end of a lesson alongside a reflection piece either written or oral
  • Write and send a letter to parents and guardians informing them of the lessons' topics, including ways they can reinforce lessons at home  
Classroom Considerations
  • Individual lessons take approximately 45 minutes 
  • A variety of materials are required—take a look at the lessons you wish to conduct to discover what you need 
  • A table of contents makes locating lessons easier 
  • Offers several tips for inclusivity 
  • Lessons include extension activities
  • The entire unit is well organized and user-friendly 
  • None