Inquiry in Action: Kindergarten Chapter 1 - Investigating the Weather

Collector: Ann V.

To understand what makes it rain, young meteorologists use tiny drops of water on a laminated drawing of a cloud. To investigate why puddles dry up, they make a one-drop puddle on their hand and observe the water evaporate. Scholars also study visuals and a video to examine snow formation and structure. Using the information they learn, they follow a procedure to construct a snowflake model. Next, class members test the relationship between wind speed and an object's movement using paper strips and a building model constructed during the lesson. Young scientists then view an animation about thermometers and the Celsius scale and practice reading thermometers before working collaboratively with different materials to design a coat that effectively reduces heat loss. To end the unit, scholars use problem-solving skills to design, build and test a sunshade structure.

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